"My self confidence and self-worth have improved,

as well as my ability to defend not only my physical body,

but my mind and emotions."

"I am so glad I took this course.

 The various benefits will continue to help me for the rest of my life."




IMPACT Bay Area is one of the only self-defense organizations in California that uses padded mock assailant instructors. We teach self-defense to students in an adrenalized state, so you learn how to fight through the "freeze response" that naturally happens when you are attacked.

Since 1985, Impact Bay Area has given more than 12,000 people the skills to defend themselves against verbal, physical and sexual assault. We offer classes for people of all genders, and we teach people of all ages and body types how to respond effectively to threatening situations.

Impact's self-defense training is different from ordinary self-defense training.

  1. side_thrust_kick.jpgWe teach full-force self-defense. By training students to fight full-force against padded mock attackers, in an adrenalized state, we engrain our techniques into your 'muscle memory'. This means that your body will remember - and respond appropriately - even when the mind has forgotten or "freezes" during an attack.
  2. We teach using realistic scenarios. Our instructors are trained to use real-life scenarios of violence and potential violence by playing the role of perpetrators so that you are prepared to counter an actual assault.
  3. Training is tailored to each individual. Our techniques utilize the strengths in each student's body. They can be learned and used effectively by virtually anyone regardless of age or physical ability. Class size is limited to provide a maximum level of individual instruction.
  4. We understand the extremely emotional nature of confronting the fear of violence. Our classes are taught in an extremely supportive environment by trauma-informed instructors. We help you develop your inner strength and work through your fears, as well as honing your physical abilities.
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