Self-Defense Basics


At the core of Impact's Adult program is our Basics Course for ages 18 and up. This is a 20+ hour course that covers situational awareness, verbal and emotional boundary setting, and physical self-defense tactics. In this course we focus on attacks by a single, unarmed assailant - the most common form of attack that individuals face. We also explore issues related to fear and violence in society. Students have an opportunity to create custom fight scenarios.

For maximum individual instruction, classes are limited to 14-16 students. We teach Self-Defense Basics designed for women, men and adults of all genders.

We also offer courses designed for teen girls and young women. Please click here for more information on these programs and kids please click here for more information on the kids classes.

We are committed to making our classes available to all people, regardless of ability to pay. If you would like to request a scholarship, please email or call 510-208-0474 and we'll send you the scholarship application.

ALL OF OUR BASICS CLASSES MEET ON MULTIPLE DAYS. On our website, classes are listed by the first date of class with information about subsequent class sessions in the text. Please make sure you can attend ALL class sessions when registering for one of our multi-day trainings.




No basics classes yet.