Advanced Classes

Our advanced classes are open to graduates of our Adult and Young Adult Basics courses who have been approved by the instructor team for advanced classes. If you haven't taken Basics yet, sign up here.

Basic Refresher

This course invites students back on the mat to practice their core skills and test their muscle memory. This is a great course to prepare for other upper level courses, or just to boost your confidence in your skills.

Beyond Basics

In Beyond Basics, students will have an opportunity to learn how to use their Basics skills in new ways, experience different scenarios and expand their personal safety skills.

Defense Against Weapons

In this course, students learn to defend themselves against an armed assailant. We cover self-defense strategies to counter an assault with knives, guns, and clubs.  Students will learn about how weapons are used to intimidate as well how they are actually wielded.

Defense Against Multiple Assailants

This course prepares students to fight off multiple attackers.

We are committed to making our classes available to all people, regardless of ability to pay. Click here to download the scholarship application. Scholarship applications can be mailed to Impact Bay Area, PO Box 23831, Oakland, CA 94623 or emailed to

ALL OF OUR ADVANCED CLASSES MEET ON MULTIPLE DAYS. On our website, classes are listed by the first date of class with information about subsequent class sessions in the text. Please make sure you can attend ALL class sessions when registering for one of our multi-day trainings.


No upper-level classes yet.