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Martial Artists of all levels of experience will benefit from taking an Impact class. Impact‘s self-defense training is very different from ordinary self-defense classes/seminars:

  •  We train students to fight full-force against a padded mock assailant. This padded suit makes it possible to practice without the need control our techniques, "pull punches" or to protect the mock assailant in any way.
  • Impact self-defense is for the mind, body and voice. Impact strengthens a student’s natural abilities by teaching them how to use their intuition, body and voice to defend themselves. This training improves the student's ability to defend against verbal, physical and sexual assault.
  • Impact courses include opportunities to explore societal expectations, personal fears and boundary setting through exercises and discussions. Our focus on the emotional aspects of assault has allowed many rape, assault, child abuse and domestic violence victims to use our courses as part of their healing process.
  • Our instructors are trained to use real-life scenarios of violence and potential violence by playing the role of perpetrators so that you are prepared to counter an actual assault.

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