I have a disability, injury or other physical challenges. Can I take an Impact class?

Sometimes people wonder if our classes will be physically "too much" because of an injury, disability, being a senior citizen or just not feeling very "athletic."


People with all levels of physical ability can take Impact classes and do benefit from our curriculum. Our classes are small, so instructors tailor the basic physical, emotional and verbal techniques to fit each student.

We teach all ages, from kids through elders - everyone can learn to defend themselves, using the unique tools and techniques that work for your size, physical ability and individual circumstances.

We teach people with all levels of physical ability and disability to defend themselves. People with disabilities have a much higher rate of being physically, sexually, and emotionally abused then the general population - we are actively working to empower people with different physical and cognitive abilities to protect and advocate for themselves. Here's a great video about Impact: ABILITY - a specific Impact self-defense and empowerment program designed for people with physical or intellectual disabilities.

We teach people of all sizes and physical builds. Whether you're a petite or hefty person, we will teach you how to maximize your body's natural strengths to fight off an attacker who is larger (or smaller) than yourself.

We teach people with different levels of regular physical activity - couch potatoes to black-belts will find our training useful and accessible. Most of the people who take our classes don't consider themselves "athletic," but some of our students bring martial arts, sports or other physical experiences to the class. Each student is unique, and our program is tailored for the students in each class.

If you're injured temporarily (such as a broken ankle, knee surgery, etc), it might be a good idea to postpone your class (contact info@impactbayarea.org regarding changing your scheduled class due to injury).

If you have a long-standing injury, like a "bad knee" or an old football injury, we can teach you how to fight in ways that protect your existing injury. During the class, we use duct tape to indicate injured area(s), and the instructors review before each practice fight which body parts are injured and whether the student is "using" or "not using" the injured part, so the padded assailant will not grab your injured knee. You will learn strategies to protect yourself despite having a long-term injury.

If you have any questions or specific accommodations you need in order to take an Impact class, please contact Lisa Scheff at Lisa@ImpactBayArea.org or (510) 208-0474. We would be happy to talk with you about your needs and concerns, because we believe everyone who wants to take an Impact class CAN. We'll help you make it happen in a way that works for you.

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