Impact Self-Defense

Impact coursework has grown out of three decades of first-hand experience teaching personal safety. Programs are typically taught by specially-trained teams of instructors and can address situations ranging from the day-to-day levels of boundary violation to the worst-case scenario of violent assault. We offer programs to the public and schedule private courses for organizations, schools and corporations.

A recent study shows solidly that women who take a self-defense class that focuses on boundary setting, as Impact does, are less likely to be assaulted

Impact is a unique style of self-defense, which differs from traditional self-defense programs in several ways:

  • fighting_figures_1.jpgImpact style self-defense was originally designed for women. It was created after lengthy research into how women are actually attacked and how they can use their unique strengths against an assailant's weaknesses.
  • When we expanded our program to teach men, we researched ways that men are commonly attacked and made necessary modifications to our curriculum.
  • People of all ages, genders, sizes and abilities are taught how to defend themselves quickly and effectively against an attacker who is bigger and stronger than them.
  • Impact is self-defense for the mind, body and voice. Impact strengthens a student's natural abilities by teaching them how to use their intuition, body and voice to defend themselves.
  • Impact addresses the emotions around assault and self-defense. Most people who sign up for our courses are nervous, afraid or both. We recognize that fighting back is an emotional as well as physical process, so our instructors create emotionally supportive environments for healing and learning. Courses include opportunities to explore societal expectations, personal fears and boundary setting through exercises, role plays and discussions. 
  • Our focus on the emotional aspects of assault has allowed many rape, assault, child abuse and domestic violence victims to use our courses as a part of their healing process.
  • suited_instructors.jpgOur courses give students the opportunity to practice full-force on a well padded mock assailant instructor who plays the role of potential attacker. By repeatedly practicing techniques full-force our students experience the benefits of "muscle memory" - their bodies will remember the techniques in a crisis situation.
  • Through practice, our students become familiar with the adrenaline rush that accompanies being attacked and are able to practice fighting through the "freeze response" that paralyzes many assault victims.
  • Impact creates lasting change. Impact students worldwide have effectively used their skills even years after a course.
  • Impact works. 100% of our students surveyed reported an increased ability to defend themselves against both verbal and physical assault after taking an Impact Bay Area course.