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Impact Bay Area has been teaching women and girls effective personal safety skills for over 30 years. This 501c3 non-profit has given thousands of women and girls real, effective self-defense skills using the tools they always have with them: their voices, their elbows, their knees, and powerful kicks.

Recently Impact Bay Area became aware of an Indiegogo campaign raising over $50,000 to produce “anti-rape” panties, basically a modern chastity belt. The makers of “AR Wear” claim that these undergarments would make women safer. But anti-rape panties do not protect women from rape -- and Impact Bay Area launched their own Indiegogo campaign raising funds to provide women with real personal safety choices.

Women are not helpless. Support our cause on Indiegogo!

“The notion that women should dress differently to keep themselves safe from sexual assault is dangerous and wrong. Clothes do not cause or prevent rape. Nuns and women in burkas are raped. Rapists cause rape. And rape culture, including the offensive notion that women need to keep their sexuality under lock and key to be safe, perpetuates the myth that women are helpless, that they cannot physically defend themselves.” - Impact Bay Area, Indiegogo “Go Commando” Campaign.

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