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Impact Bay Area provides powerful self-defense training to people who need it, whether or not they can afford to pay. Safety is a right, not a privilege.

Please sign up for a monthly membership to help us build safer Northern California communities. Our monthly donors are the heart of Impact Bay Area, since reliable monthly contributions provide a sustainable source of income to keep us teaching in the communities that depend on us. 

Our members stay informed about important developments via a monthly email newsletter and are invited to engage in community events such as Public Celebrations, intro classes, and more.



$10.00 every month
Help Impact Bay Area bring safety to Northern California communities with a small-but-mighty contribution.

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$25.00 every month
Share the gift of safety with even more communities!

Knockout Blow

$100.00 every month
Deal a Knockout Blow to perpetrators everywhere with your sustaining contribution to Impact Bay Area.