Private Classes

We offer private group courses for Bay Area businesses, schools and community groups. Learn more about the types of private classes we can offer your group below or visit our public classes to sign up for a slot in one of our upcoming public courses. To schedule a private group class, contact us at

Class Type

Class Description




1-Hour Introduction to Personal Safety
Ages 16+

Fundamentally, we believe that the best fight is no fight, and we know that most assaults can be avoided or prevented using awareness, intuition, body language, and voice. This short class will provide valuable tools for staying safe, including a simple and effective physical strike technique.

1 hr

Up to 100


90-Minute Introduction to Personal Safety for Campuses

This 90-minute course was designed to deal directly with issues that are faced by high-school and college students. Impact on Campus teaches valuable skills, including how to use voice and body language to set boundaries and tools to deal with date/acquaintance rape. 

1.5 hrs

Up to 100


3-Hour Introduction to Full Force Self Defense 
Ages 16+

In this class, participants will practice using intuition, awareness, body language, and voice to de-escalate and deter attacks. Students will also learn multiple physical techniques that they will practice full force in simulated fight scenarios against padded instructors. People leave this short introduction class feeling strong and often surprised by their own power and courage.

3 hrs

Min 8/Max 16

6-Hour Introduction to Full Force Self Defense 
Ages 16+

Students in the 6‐hour class learn all of the awareness, intuition, and verbal conflict avoidance/deterrence skills that are covered in the 3‐hour class, as well as the foundational front and rear attack and ground fighting techniques. The second have covers, additional front, rear, and ground attack scenarios are layered on. 

6 hrs

Min 8/Max 16



24-Hour Impact Basics Course
Ages 16+

The Basics class is our core curriculum, covering intuition, awareness, verbal boundary setting, and physical self-defense skills in a variety of situations from encounters with strangers on a city street to sexual assault scenarios. Students learn defenses against a wide variety of front and rear attacks, as well as many different sexual assault scenarios. In addition to mastering physical self-defense skills, people who take this class often tell us that they gained confidence in all aspects of their lives. 

24 hrs

Min 8/Max 16


Teen & Young Adult Courses
Ages 12-16
Ages 16-22

All of our Teen and Young Adult courses cover awareness, boundary setting, and physical self-defense, but with an emphasis on problems that young women often encounter as they begin to face the world on their own. Our Teen "Kick Like a Girl" course is a 10-hour course, designed specifically for teen girls ages 12-16. Our Young Adult Express course is a 16-hour course designed specifically for young women ages 16-22. 

10/16 hrs

Min 8/Max 16


Kids Courses
Ages 6-8
Ages 9-11

Impact Bay Area’s unique programs and expert instructors create a space for kids to learn about personal safety in a safe, warm environment. An Impact Kids Class covers “people safety,” or how to be safe around adults when not with parents or guardians; verbal boundary setting; who to go to for help, and simple physical techniques for emergencies. We create age-appropriate scenarios allowing kids to have fun while learning potentially life‐saving skills. The course for ages 6-8 is two hours long and the course for ages 9-11 is three hours.

2-3 hrs

Min 8/Max 12


To schedule private classes for your organization, please contact us at