School Programs


Prepare your students and staff with Impact

We have been teaching self-defense in schools for over 25 years. Impact classes build verbal and physical skills to set good boundaries, prevent possible violence and fight back when necessary. Our classes boost confidence and empower students!

We offer....

  • Age appropriate courses
  • Realistic scenarios
  • Training tailored to each individual
  • Trained instructors who understand the emotionality of confronting the fear of violence 

Students gain skills in...

  • Verbal Boundary Setting 
  • Physical Self-Defense Skills
  • Sexual Assault Prevention (for certain age groups & maturity levels)
  • And More!

Impact Classes Offered in Schools

Type of Class


Class Length

Kids 6-8

All Genders, Elementary, ages 6-8

2 hours

Kids 9-11

All Genders Elementary, ages 9-11

3 hours

Intro Classes

All Genders, ages 12 - adult

1-3 hours

Teen Class

Teen Girls/Mixed Gender,
ages 12-16

10 hours

Young Adult Basics

Teen Girls/Mixed Gender, ages 16-22

16 or 24 hours

Women's Adult Basics

Women, ages 18+

24 hours

Learn more about what each of those courses entails our downloadable brochure. Or contact us directly to schedule a training for your school by emailing Prices are subject to number of classes scheduled.

Here's what administrators and students have to say about Impact in Schools...

“Since 1987, approximately 1,000 young women at Santa Catalina School have taken the women's self‐defense course, for we believe that women must not only be ready for college, but also ready for life. Dozens of these young women have reported back to us that they have used the skills acquired in these classes to prevent situations from becoming physical. Sixteen of our girls have, in the worst case scenario, had to utilize the physical skills they learned in this course, and all sixteen defeated their attackers and escaped unhurt. Our decision a quarter century ago to make this class available to our students is one of the best we have ever made."
‐ Broeck Oder, Santa Catalina School, Monterey

“This class has made me a stronger, confident, empowered and courageous person. I am so grateful to have taken this class.”- Student from Santa Catalina YA Basics Class

“The course gave me the opportunity to find my voice and to become physically and emotionally stronger.”
- Student from Athenian School Teen Class