Impact Stories

We come from different backgrounds, but we all experienced the empowerment that comes from Impact Self-Defense. These are our stories.


Dani's Story -What Impact Means To Me

My name is Dani, and this is a video taken during the Public Celebration of my first class with Impact. The community that was built up of shared experiences, courage, and raised voices exalting our right to defend ourselves will remain with me for the rest of my life. [Watch Dani's inspiring video]

Kenji's Story -Standing Up to a Raging Bully

"I was lucky enough to attend both the 2005 and 2007 Impact Bay Area Men's classes. As a tall, thin, but non-violent gay man I'm not the picture of Butch; I generally go through life avoiding the places where I might end up in fights..." [Read more]

Alena's Story -"I'm Not A Violent Person"

Alena Schaim is the Executive Director and Instructor with the Santa Fe, New Mexico chapter of Impact Personal Safety. In a recent newsletter, she offered her great thoughts on violence and the value of Impact. Click "Read More" for Alena's inspiring and thought-provoking message. [Read more]

Luisa's Story - "Throwing Shoes"

"I’d been meaning to go to IMPACT for years before I actually went. When I looked at the classes online though, something always came up to prevent me from signing up. I’d find out about a local class right after it passed, it was too much money, my ankle was acting up, I didn’t want to do it alone, I was out of shape..." [Read More]


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