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"Since 1987, approximately 1,000 young women at Santa Catalina School have taken the women's self-defense course, for we believe that women must not only be ready for college, but also ready for life.  Dozens of these young women have reported back to us that they have used the skills acquired in these classes to prevent situations from becoming physical.  Sixteen of our girls have, in the worst case scenario, had to utilize the physical skills they learned in this course, and all sixteen defeated their attackers and escaped unhurt.  Our decision a quarter century ago to make this class available to our students is one of the best we have ever made."-Broeck Oder, Santa Catalina School, Monterey


The Teen "Kick Like a Girl" Self-Defense course is a 10-hour course, designed specifically for teen girls ages 12-16. This course focuses on preventing stranger and peer violence. Students practice verbal boundary setting and role playing intended to help students learn to prevent attacks from ever happening because we believe that the best fight is no fight at all. This course gives students the opportunity to practice full-force on a "mock assailant" instructor in a well-padded suit. Practicing these full-force self-defense techniques, lead by a female instructor, allows our students to experience the benefits of "muscle memory" - their bodies will remember the techniques in a crisis situation. Students will gain the confidence and skills needed to feel safer in the world. Classes are limited to 14-16 students.

Wondering if this class is right for your teen? Read Katherine's story.

The Young Adult "On Her Own" Basics course is a 20+ hour course designed specifically for women 17 to 22 years old. Similar to the Adult Basics course, we cover awareness, boundary setting, and physical self-defense, but with an emphasis on problems that young women often encounter as they begin to face the world on their own. Classes are limited to 14-16 students. 

We are committed to making our classes available to all young women, regardless of ability to pay. Click here to download the scholarship application.

All students under the age of 18 (on the first day of class) must have a waiver signed by their parent or guardian before the first class. Click here to download the waiver form.

Scholarship applications and waiver forms can be mailed to Impact Bay Area, PO Box 23831, Oakland, CA 94623 or emailed to lisa@impactbayarea.org.

ALL OF OUR TEEN & YOUNG ADULT CLASSES MEET ON MULTIPLE DAYS. On our website, classes are listed by the first date of class with information about subsequent class sessions in the text. Please make sure you can attend ALL class sessions when registering for one of our multi-day trainings.

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