What makes Impact Bay Area different from other forms of self-defense?


Impact style self-defense was originally designed for women. It was created after lengthy research into how women are actually attacked and how they can use their unique strengths against an assailant's weaknesses. As our class offerings have grown, we've continued to do thorough research in order to provide the most real-to-life training scenarios for our students. Today we are prepared to teach students of all ages and genders how to defend themselves quickly and effectively against an attacker who may be bigger and stronger than them.

Our unique training differs from other self-defense style trainings in a number of ways:

  1. We teach full-force self-defense.
    By training students to fight full-force against padded mock attackers, in an adrenalized state, we engrain our techniques into your 'muscle memory'. This means that your body will remember - and respond appropriately - even when the mind has forgotten or "freezes" during an attack.
  2. We teach using realistic scenarios.
    Our instructors are trained to use real-life scenarios of violence and potential violence by playing the role of perpetrators so that you are prepared to counter an actual assault.
  3. Training is tailored to each individual.
    While our techniques utilize the strengths in most students’ bodies, they can be learned by virtually anyone regardless of age or physical ability. Class size is limited to provide a maximum level of individual instruction and our instructors are trained to work with differing levels of training and natural ability.
  4. We understand the extremely emotional nature inherent in confronting the fear of violence.
    Our classes are taught in an extremely supportive environment by trauma-informed instructors. We help you develop your inner strength and work through your fears, as well as honing your physical abilities.
  5. Impact is self-defense for the mind, body and voice.
    Impact strengthens a student's natural abilities by teaching them how to use their intuition, body and voice to defend themselves.
  6. Impact is for everyone!
    We teach all ages and genders and everyone from couch potatoes to black belts will find our training useful and accessible. Most of the people who take our classes don’t consider themselves “athletic”, but some of our students bring sports, martial arts, or other physical experiences to the class.  Each student is unique, and our program is tailored for the students in each class.

For more about how Impact self-defense is different from martial arts, check out this comparison chart by the National Women's Martial Arts Federation.

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