Intro to Empowerment Self-Defense

From street safety and awareness to full-force self-defense techniques, this 3-hour class lays a foundation of skills including intuition, situational awareness, body language and voice proven effective at increasing safety and confidence. Participants practice de-escalating dangerous situations, and get the unique and powerful experience of practicing physical techniques at full force in safe and realistic scenarios against a padded mock assailant.

This class is led by a Whistle Instructor, who is the lead coach, and a Suited Instructor, who plays the role of mock assailant and wears a padded suit to allow students to hit full force. Physical techniques include defending against attacks from the front, being grabbed from behind, and an introduction to fighting from the ground. This is a great class to take if you are considering a full-length Women's, LGBTQ or Young Adult Basics course, but would like to check out an introductory IMPACT class first. You'll leave this class feeling strong and maybe surprised by your own power and courage!

IMPACT Bay Area COVID-19 Policies

On June 15, the state of California lifted most COVID-19 restrictions.  In light of the new guidelines, IMPACT Bay Area has updated our COVID-19 policies as follows:

  • Face coverings are optional for fully vaccinated participants.  While not required, we recommend wearing a face covering for the portions of class that involve shouting, due to the possibility of airborne transmission.  "Fully vaccinated" means at least 14 days have passed since your second dose in a 2-dose series (Pfizer or Moderna), or at least 14 days have passed since your single-dose vaccine (Johnson & Johnson).
  • Unvaccinated participants are required by the state to wear a face covering at all times during class.  The CDC additionally recommends that unvaccinated people continue to practice social distancing and frequent hand washing.
  • All participants will be asked to complete a health screening questionnaire before coming to class.
  • During class, all participants are encouraged to wash hands or use hand sanitizer before drills and practice fights.  Sanitizing wipes will be available if you wish to sanitize shared equipment before using it.
  • We invite you to take any additional precautions that feel safe for you, such as wearing a mask, social distancing, and hand washing during class.

These policies replace the previous ones.  We are continuing to track public health recommendations and update our policies.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.  Our priority, as always, is to provide a safe and healthy class environment for you to learn powerful and empowering self-defense skills.

Sliding Scale

Sliding scale for this class is $40-85. To keep our classes open and accessible to all, we ask that you contribute at the highest level you can.


At IMPACT we believe self-defense is for everyone, regardless of ability to pay. We reserve a quarter of the spaces in each class for scholarship recipients. If you have financial need and want to request a scholarship space, email [email protected] with the name and date of the class you are interested in. If there is space available, we will provide info on how to register, and also ask you to make a meaningful, affordable co-pay of your choice to reserve your space in a class. There are a limited number of scholarship spaces in each class, and your co-pay shows your commitment to the course.

Payment Plans

Email [email protected] to learn more about our flexible payment plans.

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