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During times of COVID-19 and shelter-in-place, IMPACT Bay Area has shifted to offering courses online. As a result, donations are especially appreciated during these times. Taking IMPACT courses was a transformative experience for me, and I want others to feel empowered, as well. I encourage you to please donate to IMPACT Bay Area, as they strive to make our community safer. 

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  • Stephanie's Story: Bring it to the Mat

    Bring it to the Mat

    Stephanie Somersille

    “Bring it to the mat!” Stephanie Somersille exclaims as she shares how “all emotions are welcome and validated” at IMPACT Bay Area’s classes. Stephanie is the Board Chair of IMPACT Bay Area and the Founder of Somersille Math Education Services. 

    Stephanie remembers being “so impressed by the quality of the instructors and assistants…and by all of these fierce, super strong, and compassionate women [in the Women’s Basics class].” During IMPACT’s courses, Stephanie became inspired by her peers and gained a sense of female solidarity as well as self-confidence. 


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Jas Ganev is currently a college student and IMPACT's Associate Board Member. As an alumna of Castilleja and IMPACT's Women's Basics class, Jas is passionate about female empowerment.
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