Intro Classes

Intro to Personal Safety (1 hour, free)

These one-hour Introductions to Impact Bay Area's unique self-defense style will give student a great idea of what to expect in our 20+ hour Adult Basics classes, while imparting some really great basic skills to keep you safer and more confident in the world. Our Intro classes are open to genders, and are totally free! 

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Intro to Full Force Self-Defense (3 hours, $75)

This 3-hour training class covers street safety & awareness, physical & verbal boundary setting and some basic full-force self-defense tactics proven effective at keeping you safer in the world. It includes practice with a padded mock assailant. This is a great class to take if you are considering the full-length Basics course but want to check it out first. Attendees who complete the Impact Intro will receive a $75 off a future Basics course.

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Boundary Setting (2 hours, $50)

This 2-hour workshop deals exclusively with verbal boundary setting. Personal boundaries are the limits we set with other people about what we are and are not comfortable with physically, emotionally, or mentally. Defining and holding your boundaries protects your space in the world and helps you move with confidence and clarity and engage with people in healthier and happier ways.In this class, you will learn to recognize when your boundaries are being crossed and then learn effective ways to ask that your boundaries be respected. Students have the opportunity to practice individualized scenarios. As with all of our classes, the Boundary Workshop is taught in an emotionally safe and supportive environment.

We currently are not offering any Boundary Setting workshops for the remainder of 2014.  

Scholarship and Flexible Payment Plans:  We are committed to making our classes available to all people, regardless of ability to pay.  Visit to apply for a scholarship or contact us at to learn more about our flexible payment plans. 

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