"Impact isn't just teaching safety - it's about freedom"

Impact Bay Area teaches full-force self-defense in a safe and empowering environment. Since 1985, we've given more than 15,000 people the skills to defend themselves against verbal, physical, and sexual assault. Our classes accommodate all ages and body types because we believe that everyone has the right to safety. We teach in many locations across the Bay Area. Watch our video, learn more, or sign up for a class.


FREE 1-Hour Intro to Personal Safety, Berkeley - October 8, 7pm

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Introduction to Empowerment Self-Defense, Oakland - October 20, 11am

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Teen Course, ages 12-16, San Francisco - October 13, 14

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Women's Basics, San Francisco - November 9, 10, 11

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Our self-defense training is different

Full-Force, with Safety

By training students to fight full-force against padded mock attackers in an adrenalized state, we engrain our techniques into your muscle memory. This means that your body will remember - and respond appropriately - even when the mind has forgotten or "freezes" during an attack.

Realistic Scenarios

Our instructors are trained to use real-life scenarios of violence and potential violence by playing the role of perpetrators so that you are prepared to counter an actual assault.

Training Tailored to the Individual

Our techniques utilize the strengths in each student's body. They can be learned and used effectively by virtually anyone regardless of age or physical ability. Class size is limited to provide a maximum level of individual instruction.

Confronting the Emotion of Violence

We teach in an extremely supportive environment by trauma-informed instructors. We help you develop your inner strength and work through your fears, as well as honing your physical abilities.

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IMPACT Training Changes Lives 

I didn't know what to expect when I walked in the door.  The class has amazed me with its intensity, my ability to sustain it, all that I've learned, and the sense of empowerment! 

I understand now why this course is called Impact.  Not only have I learned a ton of skills for protecting myself physically, mentally, or emotionally if needed, but mainly I've been given the gift of my voice and power back.  

I would recommend this course to every woman I know.  I feel so much more confident with myself now that I can defend myself and I am so lucky to have been able to learn self defense in such a supportive environment. 

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Someday NO will be enough. Until then, there's IMPACT.