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Impact Bay Area offers a variety of classes and we keep all of our classes small in size in order to ensure that everyone has the best learning experience possible. Read below to learn more about what each class offers and to link to upcoming dates. We are committed to ensuring that everyone is able to attend an Impact class and, for this reason, we offer payment plans, scholarships and discounts for employees of other nonprofits. Contact us for more information at

Starting 2017 we are offering more classes on the Peninsula and in the South Bay! Please contact us if you are interested in more information


Intro Classes 

  • Beginners Level     
  • 1-3 Hours
  • Ages: 16+

Our intro classes are a short and affordable option to begin your self-defense training.  Depending on the course, attendees learn how to use verbal boundary-setting and de-escalation techniques, how to avoid being an "easy target," and how to assess when a physical response to aggression is required. Longer courses include basic front and rear attack self-defense techniques, practice landing full-force strikes on a padded mock-assailant, and an adrenalized fight scenario. 

Learn more about our Intro Classes and register by clicking the links below:

Basics Classes 

  • Beginners Level
  • 20+ Hours
  • Ages: 18+ 

If you are ready to dive into full-force self-defense, this is the class for you! Basics is our core program and is taught in a variety of forms, including special formats to address the needs of men, women, LGBTQ groups and more. Attendees learn situational awareness, verbal and emotional boundary setting, and physical self-defense tactics. We also explore issues related to fear and violence in society. Students have multiple opportunities practice their new skills at full-force against "mock assailant" instructor and to create custom fight scenarios. 

Learn more about our Basics Classes and register by clicking the links below: 

Teen & Young Adults Classes

  • Beginners Level     
  • 10-20+ Hours
  • Ages: 12-16 
  • Ages: 16-22

Our Teen "Kick Like a Girl" course is a 10-hour course, designed specifically for teen girls ages 12-16. Our Young Adult Express course is a 16-hour course designed specifically for young women ages 16-22. Our most comprehensive Young Adult course is our Young Adult Basics class which is 24-hours and designed for young women ages 16-22. All of our Teen and Young Adult courses cover awareness, boundary setting, and physical self-defense, but with an emphasis on problems that young women often encounter as they begin to face the world on their own.

Learn more our Teen & Young Adult Classes and register by clicking the links below:

Advanced Classes

  • Advanced Levels
  • Hours Vary
  • Ages: 16+

Our Advanced classes build on our core Basics Class. Classes include a Basic Refresher and Beyond Basics, where students can refine the skills they’ve already learned. Advanced classes are also offered to teach defense against multiple attackers and self defense against assailants armed with weapons. Students must have graduated from our Basics course in order to attend an Advanced Class. 

Learn more about our Advanced Classes and register by clicking the link below:

Kids Classes

  • Beginners Level
  • 2-3 Hours
  • Ages: 6-8
  • Ages: 9-11

We offer Kids classes for ages 6-8 (2 hour class) or ages 9-11 (3 hour class). Kids learn boundary setting skills for dealing with friends and adults, including strangers. They also learn physical techniques to use in an emergency and get to practice the techniques full force on an instructor in a padded suit. We also offer caregiver classes in which we teach parents and children separately about self defense skills for children, and then bring parents and children together for the children to have an opportunity to practice their skills with their parents. 

We are currently not offering public kids classes, but you can contact us to set up a private group class. For more information, contact us at


Give the gift of empowerment to someone you love, gift certificates are available for all of our classes.