5/1 Teen Empowerment Self-Defense Workshop

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This two-hour workshop focuses on preventing stranger and peer violence while empowering students to understand, respect, and defend their own boundaries. Participants have the opportunity to practice verbal boundary setting in realistic practice scenarios with strangers as well as people they know. Participants learn to honor their own intuition, set and defend their boundaries, and gain increased confidence and safety skills. This class is open to participants of all genders ages 12-16.

Students will learn:

  • Internal skills for self-defense, intuition and situational awareness
  • Assertive body language
  • Self-defense voice, using language that can alert oneself, the attacker and bystanders
  • Verbal skills including deescalation
  • Simple strikes to the face and groin
May 01, 2021 at 12:00pm - 2pm
Online via Zoom