Private Programs

IMPACT Bay Area offers trainings for your business, community group or school. These classes empower individuals, strengthen teams, and prepare students to set effective boundaries in daily life and in worst case situations. We currently offer private group classes online and in-person depending on the need of you and your group or team. IMPACT Bay Area continuously monitors public health guidelines at the national, state, and local level and updates our COVID-19 Policies accordingly. Proof of vaccination at at least one booster is required for all in-person classes.

Please see all of our policies for payment and cancellations:

Online Programs

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To meet the needs of our community, we have adapted our curriculum to include NEW online classes. Click above for an overview of IMPACT Bay Area’s private online classes.

IMPACT2018_Zapolskadesign_074.pngCorporate Programs (in-person)

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Companies throughout the Bay Area are empowering their employees in the workplace and beyond with IMPACT. Our corporate trainings are an employee benefit that address today’s safety concerns and provide exceptional team-building experiences. IMPACT corporate programs can be tailored to meet the needs of your team. We offer all-gender trainings, classes for employee resource groups, flexible scheduling, and cost-sharing options.

"This class not only taught effective self-defense techniques, it was an amazing team building/bonding experience." -Haley, Splunk

"This class was phenomenal." -Becca, IDEO


IMPACT2018_Zapolskadesign_074.pngCommunity Programs (in-person)

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IMPACT offers trainings for families, clubs, scout troops, and other groups. Classes vary in length from one hour introductions to long-form, multi-day courses up to 24 hours. We are able to work with all genders and ages 6+. Contact us through the form below and we will help you design a program that is perfect for your group.

Our curriculum is based on a group learning model, so we require a minimum of 8 people to hold a private class.


IMPACT2018_Zapolskadesign_074.pngPrograms for Schools and Colleges (in-person and online)

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IMPACT Bay Area has been teaching self-defense in schools for over 30 years, with age-appropriate curriculum for children ages 6+ to young adults in college. Our school-based programs build verbal and physical skills to help students set boundaries, de-escalate conflict, and fight back against violence when necessary. Our classes increase safety, boost confidence and empower students with a toolbox of choices. Students in our teen courses practice a range of skills for setting boundaries with people they know, learning to say 'no," and building healthy relationships. Older students in our Young Adult Course learn skills to defend against sexual assault.

Here's what administrators and students have to say:

"Since 1987, approximately 1,000 young women at Santa Catalina School have taken the women's self‐defense course, for we believe that women must not only be ready for college, but also ready for life. Dozens of these young women have reported back to us that they have used the skills acquired in these classes to prevent situations from becoming physical. Sixteen of our girls have, in the worst case scenario, had to utilize the physical skills they learned in this course, and all sixteen defeated their attackers and escaped unhurt. Our decision a quarter century ago to make this class available to our students is one of the best we have ever made." ‐Broeck Oder, Santa Catalina School, Monterey

"This class has made me a stronger, confident, empowered and courageous person. I am so grateful to have taken this class." -Student, Santa Catalina Young Adult Class

"The course gave me the opportunity to find my voice and to become physically and emotionally stronger." -Student, Athenian School Teen Class

To learn more about bringing IMPACT Bay Area to your school, workplace, or community group, contact us directly by filling out the form below.