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Volunteering with IMPACT is a powerful experience because I get to witness people of all ages step into their power, own their space, set boundaries and heal from past experiences, all while a whole class cheers them on. My favorite stories about IMPACT come from graduates who share that while using skills in the real world they could hear their classmates cheering for them.  To me, IMPACT is about that support system. We aren’t alone. Each of us is worth fighting for. 

I took my first IMPACT class looking for physical self-defense skills, but it was the verbal skills that had the biggest impact on my daily life. We learned about setting boundaries and practiced doing so in different scenarios, and it helped me improve even very close relationships. I find that I'm more friendly to strangers I pass, because I am confident in my ability to protect myself if needed. 

I’m a big fan of our teen classes, where young women find their voices and learn to set strong boundaries in a healthy way.  I feel like a lot of media influence offers few options when it comes to girls setting boundaries.  You can either be deferential and pushed around or sassy and eye-rolling. By the time girls finish our teens course, they can set boundaries firmly and don’t need to lean on any tropes to create the space that they deserve.


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C Thomas
C Thomas 49pc
C currently leads a team of machine learning engineers at Apple, translating research advances to applications in manufacturing. C is an avid fan of IMPACT because they love helping people feel embodied and empowered.
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