JANE is a narrative feature film slated to begin shooting in Monterey and Carmel next summer. JANE follows an exceptional 15- year-old girl on a healing journey after a high profile sexual assault. JANE gives its audience a chance to root for a young girl who goes through an unfortunately common traumatic event and finds her way back to "standing even."

The statistics about rape in the US are staggering. According to the Department of Justice, every two minutes a woman is raped. Most are between 14 to 17. Most tell no one. And when we do tell - once the announcement is made and the news media goes away – what happens to us? How does healing happen? The screenwriter and producer, Deborah Allen, knows, because she was one of those girls. This story is hers, and she is not alone.

“We need strong girl characters. The girls I know are not obsessed only with boys, make-up, and bullying. They are young people creating their own inner lives. JANE reflects this kind of young person. She is funny and alive. She gets hurt. She loses. She creates community and learns to fight back. She holds on to herself. I am fighting for her, for myself, and for a great story that also creates a deep useful conversation.”

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