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Many of you who know me know that over 20 years ago I helped teach a life changing self-defense course called IMPACT in Los Angeles. I was introduced to this organization by my future wife, Heather, who also became an instructor. I personally witnessed the way this program transformed the lives of the women who took the course and helped them discover their inner power. IMPACT continues this work here in the Bay Area along with many chapters across the country. Although I have not been in a padded suit getting kicked around for a couple decades, I still believe that this program needs to be brought to as many communities as possible. Please support this amazing organization by making a donation today

IMPACT Bay Area believes that personal safety is a right, not a privilege. Our mission is to reduce violence and promote healing by teaching effective boundary setting, personal safety, and physical self-defense skills.
  • $650 could sponsor a full scholarship for a full 24-hour Basics course
  • $300 could sponsor a full scholarship for a Teen course
  • $100 provides a partial scholarship for a student in a Teen, Young Adult or Basics Course
Every donation helps bring personal safety, self-defense and empowerment training to people who need it. IMPACT Bay Area is a 501(c)3 non-profit, so your contribution is fully tax-deductible.

  • Our New Mission, Vision, and Values

    We're so excited to share our new Mission, Vision, and Values, and to invite you to help us make them a reality!

    We need your support to get to 100 donations by August 31, 2021! 

    Your generous donations enable us to make IMPACT support:

    • Continuing our "pay what you can" model for in-person classes
    • Recruitment and training of instructors from the community
    • Expanding programs for those who need us most




  • Support Violence Prevention in our Community

    Donate today to support IMPACT Bay Area’s violence prevention programs! Your support will help us launch a brand-new program in 2023 for people with disabilities AND continue the life-changing programs we already offer - including programs for teens, women, LGBTQIA+, women of color, etc. Your generous gifts also help us keep all of our public programs accessible through sliding scale payments.

    IMPACT Bay Area is a 501(c)3 non-profit, so your contribution is fully tax-deductible. Every online donation will receive an email confirmation for their records.

    You can also mail a check with "donation" in the memo line to:

    IMPACT Bay Area
    PO Box 23831
    Oakland, CA 94623

    PLEASE NOTE: We will be happy to prepare a paper or email acknowledgement of your donation upon request.


    If you would prefer to become a regular supporter, consider giving a monthly donation instead.

    Employer Matching

    Bay Area Corporations and Companies Offering Employer Matching Gifts

    If your employer offers employer matching, your donation can MAKE AN EVEN BIGGER IMPACT. Contact your human resources department for information on your employer's matching gift program. IMPACT Bay Area's EIN number is 94-3123451.

    Our address is:
    PO Box 23831
    Oakland,CA 94623.

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Jonathan is the Chief Operating Officer of JFCS East Bay, a nonprofit family services organization. He was an IMPACT Los Angeles padded instructor back in the mid-90s.
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