Lee Einhorn

There are so many reasons to donate to IMPACT Bay Area, and I am sure one of them applies to you. But here's the best one: it works, really well, and for the people who need help the most. How do I know (aside from nearly a decade of nonprofit consulting experience, myself?). I've been sitting in on board meetings and volunteering my time to understand how IMPACT Bay Area works and to make sure. 


Do you...
    • Want to fund an organization that is sustainably and incredibly-well run?
    • Demonstrate that no one in your community should have to live in fear?
    • Support personal and community training and development programs?
    • Fund teacher instruction and counseling support?
    • Actually use your money to help real people who need it now?


We've got a great strategic plan lined up for 2022--more classes, more instructors, more people served--but we can't do it without you. Please, donate today, and then tomorrow. And then again when I email you next. Because people still need help, and we can actually do it! ~lee

  • Our New Mission, Vision, and Values

    We're so excited to share our new Mission, Vision, and Values, and to invite you to help us make them a reality!

    We need your support to get to 100 donations by August 31, 2021! 

    Your generous donations enable us to make IMPACT support:

    • Continuing our "pay what you can" model for in-person classes
    • Recruitment and training of instructors from the community
    • Expanding programs for those who need us most




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