Empowerment 101 (1-hr)

This class introduces students to IMPACT Bay Area’s approach to personal safety. We think of self-defense as a spectrum that starts with the first feelings in your body when you notice a situation might not be safe, through physical self-defense if necessary, all the way to what you can do to take care of yourself after something happens. Learn to recognize and honor your own intuition, develop assertive body language and powerful verbal skills, and practice simple and effective physical strike techniques!

In this class you will:

  • Learn to listen to your inner alarm bells, practice threat assessment and use assertive body language
  • Practice “self-defense voice," using language that can alert yourself, the attacker and bystanders
  • Practice setting boundaries through internal boundary recognition, body language and the use of verbal skills
  • Learn two powerful physical strikes two the face and groin
  • Understand the importance of adrenaline management and early boundary setting in both acquaintance and stranger interactions

Open to all genders ages 16+.


This class is offered as a free, public intro once per month in different locations. Space is limited. Please sign up in advance for the class you are interested in to reserve your spot.