Other IMPACT Chapters

IMPACT Bay Area is part of an international affiliation of independent chapters. Each IMPACT chapter has its own organizational structure and programmatic focus.

We share these defining characteristics:

  • Full-force physical techniques
  • Verbal skills and the use of voice
  • Safety skills in a supportive environment
  • Trauma-informed instruction
  • Strategies with people we know
  • Self-defense for everyone
  • Commitment to women's leadership
  • Women and men working together to end violence
  • Collaborating to prevent violence and support survivors
  • The best fight is no fight 

Find a Chapter Near You:

Southern California, IMPACT Personal Safety of Southern California
Colorado, IMPACT Personal Safety Colorado
Chicago, IMPACT Chicago
District of Columbia, DC IMPACT
Boston, IMPACT Boston
New Mexico, Resolve
NY, NJ, PA, Prepare
Ohio, IMPACT Safety
Israel, IMPACT Israel

Recommended Reading

Here are a few books and online resources that we love! Learn about trusting your intuition, identifying abuse, helping your teen build confidence, or preparing for the unexpected with these great authors: