Dawn Hofmeister

Impact Bay Area is in desperate need of your donation. Many of you know that I've been involved with Impact for over 20 years. My mom first put me in a class as I was a smart mouth who didn't have much to back it up.

Impact not only provided me with physical skills, it also taught me to listen to my intuition. Impact gave me the confidence to trust my judgement and realize that I am worth fighting for. Not only physically but verbally, in the sense that I can speak up for myself and I'm less passive aggressive then when I was younger.

I truly believe that Impact has helped shaped me to be the person I am today. I personally really enjoy seeing the transformation many people have when they take the Basics class. Please help us to continue this very important work by giving a donation today.

Impact is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so your donation is 100% tax deductible. Any amount can help, even $10.00. Who knows...your employer might even have a matching program.



  • Your Gift Makes our Community Safer for Everyone

    Will you support our efforts to make empowerment and safety accessible to everyone? 

    Please donate today to help us keep our public programs Pay-What-You-Can!

    One thing that has remained constant over the years as IMPACT has grown and evolved is YOU, our community. Your support is the superpower behind all the programs we have held and the lives we have touched. Most recently, we added emerging from a global pandemic with greater commitment and clarity of purpose to the list of the incredible things WE have done together.

    In July, we made our programs pay-what-you-can to offer greater accessibility and choice. While IMPACT has always offered scholarships, we feel that giving students the choice of how much to pay is more empowering and less burdensome. 

    With your help, we can continue this initiative to make empowerment and safety accessible to everyone in our community - even as we continue to rebuild from the effects of the pandemic.

    We appreciate your generosity at any level!




Dawn Hofmeister
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