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Sparkle_holiday_wishlist_(banner_size).pngThis holiday season we wish for a safer community!

This holiday season we're wishing for a community where everyone feels empowered and safe from harassment and violence. Will you help make our wish come true by making a donation to support our work?

Your donations are tax-deductible AND they support our efforts to:

  • Share boundary setting and self-defense skills with more people 
  • Provide more class scholarships
  • Train more staff to teach more classes and expand our curriculum

Will you add us to your wishlist?

If you don't need another holiday sweater or a new pair of socks, consider asking your friends and family to donate to IMPACT in your name instead of buying you a gift. Unlike sweaters and socks, donations to IMPACT are tax-deductible and they can go a long way toward changing someone's life. 





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