Jessica Lee

I came across IMPACT while looking for self-defense classes prior to going on a solo international trip. I took the Women’s Basics class in 2019, and it turned out to be so much more than just a self-defense class.

IMPACT taught me not only how to physically defend myself, but also enabled me to discover and embrace my own power. Through hearing my voice, feeling my force, and setting my boundaries, it was a profound experience that influenced how I see myself and what I’m capable of. I hope that more women can experience this.

The world will be a more beautiful place when women can own their power and confidently live the lives they want. Your donations will bring this experience to more women and expand the reach of this amazing program to underserved communities.

  • Our New Mission, Vision, and Values

    We're so excited to share our new Mission, Vision, and Values, and to invite you to help us make them a reality!

    We need your support to get to 100 donations by August 31, 2021! 

    Your generous donations enable us to make IMPACT support:

    • Continuing our "pay what you can" model for in-person classes
    • Recruitment and training of instructors from the community
    • Expanding programs for those who need us most




Jessica Lee
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Jessica took IMPACT’s Women’s Basics class in 2019. She is VP of Product at Goodwater Capital, a consumer tech venture capital firm.
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