Karina's Story: IMPACT Helped Me Find Confidence

I grew up believing the world was too dangerous for a woman to travel alone-- that I was not strong, brave or confident enough to go it alone. Thus, I knew I had to prove myself wrong and push my limits. For 18 months, I backpacked around the world. Alone.

During that time, I had some close calls, both domestically and abroad. Because I had previously trained in several martial art forms including Karate and Muay Thai I was able to cultivate a “don’t mess with me” attitude. But it wasn’t until I participated in IMPACT’s classes that my internal confidence and skills matched my external demeanor. IMPACT’s full-force self-defense classes blew everything else out of the water. 

In IMPACT’s “Basics” course, I learned simple yet effective techniques to fight like hell when confronted in real-life scenarios. Practicing adrenalized situations with fully-suited instructors incorporated these skills into my muscle memory so I know I will not freeze when confronted. Even if I don’t use these techniques for a decade or two, should I be attacked, my body will remember what to do without even thinking. Additionally, I learned valuable techniques for de-escalating situations and increasing my situational awareness. 

This past September, I took IMPACT's Advanced “Defense Against Multiple Assailants” course, and wow was that impactful! You can see my short clip here (and here for Basics) if you’d like a taste of these life-changing classes!

IMPACT’s courses are effective, cathartic and empowering. I wish that every woman and man could take IMPACT’s courses because they teach powerful techniques to combat and de-escalate potential verbal, physical and sexual assault. But often those who would benefit most from these courses are the most vulnerable and least able to afford them.

Thus, I ask that you make a contribution to support this life-changing and life-saving work today! In 2017 IMPACT depleted it's scholarship fund, providing over $50,000 in full and partial scholarships so that no one was turned away for lack of funds. Can you make a gift TODAY to ensure everyone has the chance to participate in IMPACT's phenomenal classes?


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