Kathleen Bennett

After twenty-three years as a donor, I have recently joined the board of IMPACT Bay Area. My personal goal in joining the board is to make IMPACT classes available on a regularly scheduled basis to every girl and woman in the Bay Area within a half an hour of her home.

Instructor training is IMPACT’s critical path item. To offer more classes, we need more instructors.

An important part of your donation will go to instructor training; Tom and I will match every dollar you donate.

Donate now to my campaign or read below to learn more.

When a woman successfully fends off unwanted sexual overtures, she feels powerful and self-confident. When she is the victim of assault, the negative repercussions last a lifetime. Fighting back results an 80% to 90% success rate in rebuffing attackers.

Both my daughters took the 22-hour Basics training before going off to college. They found it incredibly worthwhile. To this day their training sets my mind at ease for their safety at home and abroad.

With sexual harassment and campus assault making headlines everyday, IMPACT needs your help NOW to expand our classes and positively impact your loved ones as well as the lives of thousands of Bay Area women.

Kathleen knows fund development both as a philanthropist and a fundraiser. As founder and head of The Girls’ Middle School, Kathleen raised eight million dollars in seven years starting from scratch with no funders or angel donors.
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