LGBTQ+ Classes

IMPACT Bay Area is dedicated to providing personal safety skills and confidence to communities most at risk of violence and harassment in our society. Classes include LGBTQ+ Basics, which is a four-day course, and LGBTQ+ Intro to Empowerment Self-Defense, which is a three-hour workshop intended to empower students with introductory skills in healthy boundary-setting and full force self-defense.  

LGBTQ+ Intro to Empowerment Self-Defense:
This three-hour training covers street safety and awareness, physical and verbal boundary setting, and full force self-defense skills proven effective at increasing safety and confidence. Students get the unique and powerful experience of practicing their techniques full force in safe and realistic scenarios against a padded mock assailant. This is a great class to take if you are considering the full-length course, and is open to all LGBTQ+ identified students age 16+.

Covered in this class are skills related to intuition, situational awareness, body language for setting boundaries, verbal skills and physical self-defense against attacks from the front, from behind, and an introduction to fighting from the ground.

(3-hour class, $30-$85) 

LGBTQ+ Basics Course:
Our four-day LGBTQ+ course was developed by lead LGBTQ+ IMPACT staff by studying attacks that commonly occur against the community, and effective skills for self-defense in those scenarios. In this course we cover realistic self-defense to defend against street harassment, simple assault, sexual assault, home invasion, and setting healthy boundaries in relationships. As a group we explore issues related to fear and violence in society and students get the opportunity to create their own custom self-defense scenarios. Our instructors create an inclusive, safe, and supportive environment for students to learn these techniques and life skills. This course is open to all LGBTQ+ identified students age 18+.

2020 schedule TBD; email [email protected] to be added to the announcement list.

(28-hour course, $50-$650)

Scholarship and Flexible Payment Plans:
We are committed to making our classes available to all people, regardless of ability to pay. Fill out our online scholarship form to apply or contact us to learn more about our flexible payment plans.

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