It’s time for us all to rise and have an IMPACT!

It’s no secret that women and girls face more than they should every single day. IMPACT helps women, kids, LGBTQ folks, and men to empower themselves whenever someone tries to violate their boundaries. I want to live in a world where everyone can walk the streets at ease and without fear of being attacked. Any person’s “no” should count but often times, even the clearest “no” gets ignored. IMPACT teaches how to face fear, stand tall, and fight back!

By teaching effective methods for personal safety, including how to set boundaries verbally and fight back physically if need be, individuals leave IMPACT’s 3 day Basics classes feeling like they’ve taken their power back! I recently attended a graduation ceremony and heard students talk about how they now feel a new sense of self-worth and more confident about their ability to stand their ground.

I want to make these skills accessible to as many people as possible so my goal is to raise $2,400 this year which is enough to provide four full tuition scholarships to future Basics classes. Your donation can help make this possible!

Please support my donation drive today!  (Click the orange button to the right!)  Your tax-deductible donation will bring personal safety, self-defense and empowerment training to people who need it most. Thank you so very much!

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