Living with ferocity and joy

I found IMPACT at a time when I was struggling with a lot of uncertainty and fear - I had survived an assault and was looking to regain a sense of agency and control in my life.

I'm outdoorsy, I'm stubborn, I consider myself to be a very strong and capable person. Yet when it came down to knowing how to defend myself against an attacker, I found that I was petrified by fear. While the threat of an attack was already scary, freezing and feeling an overwhelming feeling of helplessness was worse. That feeling of helplessness followed me around for months after I was attacked and seemed to affect everything I did. I knew the only thing that would make me feel better was to learn how to defend myself against future assailants, and a quick web search led me to IMPACT.

What I thought would just be a simple training in defense techniques quickly turned into so much more. We not only exercised every possible assault scenario that I would be able to imagine, we also worked on skills that I hadn't considered: de-escalation, emotional healing, and personal boundaries. Everyone in the group was quick to offer their support and their strength, and that generosity was so powerful in helping me learn to heal and regain my own strength. Nothing about the process was easy, but I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I was also incredibly fortunate to receive a scholarship for IMPACT. With student loans and the cost of living in the Bay Area, I was already eating tuna salad for every meal. So I worried that self-defense was a luxury I would not be able to afford. Having completed this course I wish it were accessible to everyone, so I'm asking you to help make IMPACT available to everyone who needs it and could benefit from it (spoiler: it's everyone). 


I am evidence that those donations go a long way toward giving people tools they'll use for the rest of their lives - so that I can be more than a survivor, I can be someone who can resume life with ferocity and joy.

Wishing you happy new year filled with love,


PS. Look our for our Annual New Year Sale email tomorrow morning!

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