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Employer and Company Matching
How to Make Your Dollars Go Further for Empowerment

As a small, grassroots nonprofit, every dollar we receive is precious - it becomes one more scholarship, one more student, one more padded suit to keep our Suited Instructors safe - and we recognize that not everyone is able to donate as much as they wish they could for our cause. We understand, and are glad to be able to offer a resource for turning your dollar into 2, 3, even 4 more.

Company and employer matching is a great way to get more bang for your buck. Check out some of the companies below - if your employer is not on this list, you can ask your HR representative whether an employer matching program is available (or if you can create one!).

 Apple: Visit the EasyMatch website at and complete the match request form.Please Note: Apple will match up to a maximum of US$10,000 per eligible employee per calendar year. The minimum eligible gift is US$25. Subject to the $10,000 annual maximum per eligible employee per year, Apple will match up to five contributions of US$25 or more to eligible organizations each calendar year.



  • Select the charity you want to support
  • Make your donation through the charity's website
  • Receive your email confirmation or receipt
  • Cut and paste the bulleted list below into an email
  • Complete the bulleted questions below
  • Forward the electronic receipt with the bulleted list to [email protected]
  • Your full name
  • Your Employee ID#
  • Employee phone number
  • Date of gift
  • Amount of gift
  • Amount to be matched, if less than the amount of gift.(This is important if you don't want your entire donation matched.)
  • Scanned or forwarded email receipt from organization
  • Name and address of organization  
  • Organization's URL 
  • Purpose of donation (designation; what program your donation is supporting)

Cisco: CiscoLog on to Community Connect  and search for your desired foundation. Click on  "Make a Donation", next, select "General Giving", next and complete all the sections.

Additional Companies with Employee Matching:

Electronic Arts




Donating for CourageGeneral Instructions 

Find out what ways your company supports matching - at some companies, you can donate directly from your company page. 

Some companies have a minimum amount that must be donated for them to match. For example, Intel Corp. does not match donations less than $25. Make sure you know about your company.

Companies may also have a maximum amount they match. For example, Cisco matches up to $1000 per employee.

Thanks for everything you do to keep our community going!


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