Meet Our Suits in Training!

Last year, IMPACT Bay Area taught 226 teens, young adults, and adults full-force empowerment self-defense with only 3 suited instructors. Think about that for a minute.

On average, each instructor took hits from more than 75 students, and each student hits a suited instructor hundreds of times in each class. Only three instructors have been taking thousands of hits for the sake of empowering our students to be safe and live fuller lives.

What could we do with seven more instructors? We could train 525 MORE students next year, doubling our reach! 

But we can't do it if we don't get their training funded. It's imperative that we raise the $35,000 needed by the end of the summer (we're currently only at $7,000), or those 525 students won't have padded suits to kick and hit. 

$50 will buy a pair of overalls and pay for needed alterations
$150 will buy a helmet 
$250 will buy a chest protector or a groin protector
$400 will pay 1 trainee to go through their first supervised phase
$1,000 will pay for 1 trainee to go through their final supervised phases
$5,000 will sponsor 1 new instructor!

Please consider supporting our new instructors today! 

*Huge thanks to the Emmy-winning filmmaker Paige Bierma for the amazing short! 

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