IMPACT's Favorite Songs of the Pandemic

Music brings people together, and it feels like a lot of us could use a little togetherness right now. So we are excited to bring to you, our wonderful IMPACT community, this playlist of IMPACT's Favorite Songs of the Pandemic!

We asked our instructors to share one empowering, IMPACT-ful song that is meaningful for them right now, and that might help others as we all navigate the recent changes. One thing that's clear from this list is that, no matter whether the threat is a potential assailant or a global pandemic, IMPACT's fighting spirit stays strong.

Check out the tracks below, get up and dance, and let us know your favorites!  Click here for the Spotify playlist, or follow links below to Youtube.

Bonus: What's on your pandemic playlist? Let us know in the comments:

  1. What's one song that's getting you through this pandemic-- or this week, or just today?
  2. What is it about that song?


IMPACT's Favorite Songs of the Pandemic

Savage Remix feat. Beyoncé - Megan Thee Stallion
Whistle instructor Jemma says: "They did us a public service by making song you have to get off your couch and dance in your mirror too. Can't forget to love on ourselves (and move a little) during a plague."

Mask, Gloves, Soap, Scrubs - Todrick Hall
Suited instructor Mariko says: "This song brings light into my day when I’m stressed out about quarantine."

Dance Again - Selena Gomez
Whistle instructor Aria says: "Just dancing again after a long time!"

It's Only feat. Zyra - ODESZA
Suited instructor Ryan says: "Soothing music with a beat combined with distinctly dark lyrics somehow feels suitable during worldwide upheaval where the best way we can help is to stay at home."

Going Gets Tough - The Growlers
Suited instructor Sam says: "Its a song about resilience through disaster: Worry is a bully that just won’t let me be / Trying to keep me busy hustling and struggling / Still always remember, when the going gets tough / That the labor of our love will reward us soon enough."

Bathroom Floor - Maddie and Tae
Whistle instructor Aria says: "Inspiring after a breakup, or just a bad day as well."

Brave Face - Frank Turner
Suited instructor Trew says: "He's got a fighty sort of optimism that feels right for what's going on with the world right now."

Focus On Your Own Family - Off With Their Heads

It's the End of the World - R.E.M.
Whistle instructor Vanessa says: "It's happy / bouncy / reminds me of the 90s :)"

Tubthumping - They Might Be Giants (covering Chumbawamba)
Suited instructor Tim says: "Only after days that have been very hard, because I don’t want the link to lose its magic."

Rise Up - Andra Day
Whistle instructor Linda says: "I play it to my plants that I'm trying to grow and my bread that I'm trying to bake."

Into the Mystic - Van Morrison
Whistle instructor Jenny says: "It reminds me of my son's wedding. A very joyful time."

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