I want everyone to know they can feel safe

I’m a confident black woman, but I’ve lived an overly cautious life because the world isn’t interested in my safety. History has taught me to be polite, protect my body, and be strong when it inevitably beats you down. All my defenses didn’t stop me from experiencing street harassment and an assault by a partner. I was tired and angry, so when a self-defense class was mentioned to me I jumped at the opportunity. 

Going through the IMPACT LGBTQ course was a rollercoaster of emotions, but I’m so happy I saw it through. The instructors created a safe space for me to drop my guard and focus on facing trauma. It is a testament to them, and my classmates, that I kept my eyes open during my first couple of fights and then felt safe enough to be vulnerable during my personal fight scenario. By the end, I was asking my instructor to throw ground techniques my way and I was happy to throw some kicks. :)

Beyond the physical, using my voice to create safe boundaries was the best lesson for me. Because of IMPACT, I’ve heard myself seek help from bystanders, yell “No!” and call out situations that make me uncomfortable. I used boundary-setting skills after the very first class and it changed my life. I used to walk around with a brick wall surrounding me with fists at the ready - and I no longer walk around like that. I can relax my body because I know my voice is powerful all by itself. I’m so grateful for that gift.

I share my experience at IMPACT with EVERYONE so they can know that they too, can feel safe, fierce, and strong. I don’t think money should be a personal barrier to safety so I ask that you join me in donating today. Someone provided me with a scholarship to take my course and I invite you to join me in doing the exact same thing for someone else this season. CLICK HERE to make a donation TODAY!

Join me and support a future IMPACT grad! You can also give the gift of IMPACT by buying a gift certificate for someone you care about!



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  • Mary Walker
    Thank you for sharing your story!
  • Vanessa Baker
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Christina! I’m so inspired by it!
  • Myesha Turner