Sarah's Giving Tuesday Wish

I’m a strong, outgoing, and independent woman and have traveled by myself both nationally and internationally. On June 17th of this year, I was attacked and beaten while I was on a run by myself in San Francisco. This random attack made me afraid to leave my apartment alone. I was surprised at just how much this brutal attack affected the way I moved in my world.

One of my trauma therapists suggested that an IMPACT class might help me feel safe again. She mentioned that she’d taken a three-day self-defense class in the 1980’s through IMPACT Bay Area and suggested I look into taking one. I needed to do something to not feel so stuck in my fear. 

The first morning of the 24-hour class, our instructor asked why we were taking this class, so I told my story. It was immediately apparent that this was a well-structured and trauma-informed class. At the end of the first day, I was exhilarated and exhausted. The following weekend I had an opportunity to recreate my attack scenario and create a different ending, where I felt more powerful. While I was very anxious about doing this, it turned out to be one of the most powerful things I’ve ever done. It allowed me to fight back at my attacker in a way I didn’t know how to before. I felt strong again and when I stood up, I cried.

My classmates all cried too. Over the three days of class, the camaraderie and support I felt with the other participants and the instructors was something I didn’t get from the legal system. I was able to take the class because I was given a scholarship, but after finishing the class I donated my scholarship money back so that someone else could have the opportunity to experience what I did.

I wish every girl and every woman could take a class from IMPACT. Today is Giving Tuesday so I am asking you to help me make that wish come - please make a donation to IMPACT Bay Area TODAY. IMPACT is on my holiday wish list because I want all children, teens, and adults to know how to set personal boundaries and physically defend themselves if needed.

Please join me in supporting this important work, CLICK HERE to give a generous gift this holiday season.



Sarah T.

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